Alistair Baldus, Sheriff of Deadlake. Arrested the members of the party and sent them on their first excursion, to the Tower of the Stargazer. Not known for his intelligence or pleasantness.

Calcidus the Stargazer. Very powerful wizard who nonetheless has been trapped in a circle of protection within the Tower for many years. A crazy asshole, but very wealthy.

Fenton, a Mysterious Observer. Accompanied the party to the Tower of the Stargazer, explored for awhile, then disappeared, leaving behind a note warning them that Baldus could not be trusted. Good-humored, often inappropriately so; has fast reflexes and a jaunty hat.

Frog, a Thief. One of Louie’s many employees.

Louie, a Fence. Crime boss of Deadlake. It was his birthday party from which Koringa, Stark, and Bunny were arrested. The party’s closest thing to an ally. Generous and shrewd, in temperament a bit like Oscar Wilde if Oscar Wilde resembled a very fat Stephen Fry.

Lucinda, Cleric of the Red Temple. Louie’s nineteen-year-old niece from Southlake.

Aline, a Fighter. Lucinda’s bodyguard and lover.

Mara, a Fighter. Louie’s bodyguard.

Neringa, a Fighter. A well-known mercenary in Deadlake, for whom Koringa is constantly mistaken. Found murdered in his room, apparently by members of the Shadow Cult.

Turlough, a Magic-User, Louie’s other bodyguard.


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