Session XVIII

The following are notes from November’s game, to the best of my recolletion. None of the players took notes, or if they did I don’t have them, so what follows may be not entirely accurate. Then again, the party seems to be in another world altogether – and one of them is apparently now a skeleton – so who’s to say what’s accurate and what isn’t?

Nutshell: the party found their way to Chelmsfordhire, a depressed town whose economy appeared to be based on dirt farming. They learned from a wretched dirt-farming old woman that they are in the Land of 1,000 Towers, where wizards rule the countryside. The dober-men they faced were followers/creations of the wizard Canis.

As they killed time at the Muddy Cup (the only joint in town), two armored guys called Terry & Phil came in, breathless. Seems they had been guarding a caravan belonging to the merchant Harvinius, when suddenly the caravan had fallen victim to a raiding party of “motkars” – fierce creatures with the bodies of men and the heads of lions. Apart from the merchant himself, who had been kidnapped, the entire caravan – including family members – had been slaughtered. Terry & Phil recruited the party to help them track the moktars & rescue Harvinius.

Trekking through the forest, the players followed Terry & Phil to the scene of the slaughter, and from there followed a trampled path through the underbrush to the side of a hill. The earth had been hacked brutally away, revealing a perfectly square tunnel entrance with the faded impressions of hinges around the edges. The footprints and drag marks led right up to the entrance, and stopped.

In the interests of getting this entry written, I will not dwell on all that was found or happened within the moktars’ lair. Rather, here are some highlights:

* a pit trap

* an attack wolf that suffered a very quick death

* a bunch of moktars, most of whom seemed pretty unhealthy, with patchy fur and open sores, all of which the party dispatched more or less effortlessly

* the merchant Harvinius, gravely wounded. He urged players to leave him, for his time was up, and to leave the room because it was not safe – “It is poison!” He also gave them an ancient map showing the route to the entrance of a small cave. A note on the map said “Sick rock is the key.” Harvinius died with an outstretched arm pointing to… what?

* Terry & Phil running off at some point

* a magnetic corridor featuring a metal plate in the floor which hid a secret stairway

* a couple crab spiders with poisonous bites

* a really heavy lead-lined chest containing about 800 gold. How to carry so much loot?

So, if memory serves, the party remains somewhere in the moktar lair (which is now devoid of moktar), contemplating a massive chest of gold, a map to a cave in a mountain, a cryptic reference to some kind of rock, or key, or both. In addition, nobody they’ve met seems to find it strange that one of the party members is a living skeleton. Koringa, for his part, has been trying out his best spooky voice and claiming to be Death.

What is this strange land? Where does the map lead? What is sick rock, and where can they find some? Tune in after this coming Wednesday, when all may or may not be revealed!


~ by erranttiger on March 4, 2013.

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