Session XVII: [insert excellent psychedelic title here]

These things happened next:

1. They went through the portal and it was not dissimilar to this:

with the exception that instead of words and Time Lords they each saw memories – of things past and/or things never real – and it felt like either their bodies were staying in place and their minds were moving or vice versa.

2. Eventually everything went black.

3. Then they realized they were standing in a black field spangled with lights brilliant as diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald, stretching  infinitely in all directions. Gaseous clouds in unimaginable colors floated around them. Spheres fanciful as marbles, of incalculable size and proximity. And Looking at each other, they appeared to be mere outlines of themselves – like diagrams of constellations, shapes suggested by points and lines. The PCs’ minds were blown by this, to different effects: some experienced a sense of cosmic unity, and some were fairly devastated at the realization that they were insignificant blips in a cold, uncaring universe.

4. After awhile in which they experimented with the potential for floating around in space, they noticed six doors which would not be out of place in a dungeon but which looked completely anomalous here: six-foot circular doors apparently made of wood and banded with iron. They opened each unlocked door, with these results:

First: It is like looking into a broken prism. You see yourselves, reflected & refracted.

Second: You’re not sure but you think you see a giant eye blink – and then the portal is clear.

Third: It feels electrical and smells of ozone.

Fourth: Picture the warmest, most soothing blue you can. But it feels somehow wrong.

Fifth: Cool and dark; almost sacred.

Sixth: Very windy and also fragrant, alternately smelling of soot, filth, salt, nature, cold.

After much hemming and hawing by both PCs and DM, the party chose the first door.

5. It was kind of like this:

6. They landed with a thud (five thuds, actually) and found themselves on a cold stone floor about 15′ in diameter, which they quickly realized was at the top of a tower that must have stood about 100′ high. The floor was covered in broken glass, the remnants of the windows that had once encircled the entire room. The rest of the surfaces (stone floor, wooden rafters) were covered in untranslatable – even by magic – glyphs.

7. The party was alternately horrified and fascinated to see that somehow the interdimensional journey had turned Koringa into a skeleton! His armor and possessions were untouched but all of his flesh had disappeared. His eyes were now a burning red, and Koringa himself felt decidedly ambivalent about this new turn of events.

8. Also there was a sixth body present: a female body wearing a long, flowing robe that was once white but had been dyed completely red by what seemed like all the blood in her body. She was thus very pale, and had no teeth, but otherwise looked to have died peacefully. A small silver compass fell out of her robes. She lay atop a trap door in the floor, the opening of which revealed a ladder that led 10′ down to a landing atop a stone stair.

9. There was a commotion from below that included a lot of barking. It turned out to be a gang of 8 creatures with the bodies of men, the heads of dogs, and the scimitars of killers. There was a combat that involved some kind of round explosive device and a bunch of yipping; eventually the Dober-men retreated.

10. The stone walls of the stairwell leading down were covered in dried blood and more unintelligible scribbles.

11. The stairs led down to a room about 50′ in diameter. It seemed to be an all-purpose living space: mattress, basin, fireplace, table, bookcase. It had also been the scene of a slaughter: the corpses of three fighter-types in leather armor with long swords and and shields had been freshly wasted. An inspection of the bookcase found three volumes containing words like “benzene ring,” “molecule,” and “waveform gamma.” Gibberish!

12. Somewhere along the line the rest of the Dober-men got wasted (as in “slain”) and Koringa discovered that his new skeletal form resisted roughly half the damage of the Dober-men’s blades.

What strange land is this? Is Koringa’s condition permanent? What the hell is a “waveform gamma”? Tune in next time to find out!


~ by erranttiger on November 4, 2012.

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