Session XVI, part 1: Exploration

The party surmises that the Gate they sought lies down the eastern stair, and so decided to explore the rest of the caverns before venturing downward. Highlights of their delving include a stagnant, shallow pool containing two male corpses in Red Temple garb, from whom Spiderssen lifts two gold & garnet rings.

Also, the party encounters four Rock Spiders. Spiderssen puts them to sleep & the PCs decimate them. Spiderssen attempts to rip off a spider leg and gets splashed with poison. He falls unconscious for around half an hour, while the party just sort of hangs out.

At the end of a cul-de-sac they discover a dead-end passage covered in yellow mold. Bunny suggests lighting it on fire, which results in the passage swiftly going up in flames and producing a vile yellow cloud of smoke that the party attempts to flee. Everyone but Bunny manages to do so – as she flees, she is seized with convulsions! Without stopping, Koringa scoops up her seizure-wracked body. It is apparent that Bunny is going to die if nothing can be done… fortunately Koringa has one remaining potion of Cure Poison, which he manages to force down her convulsing throat. Bunny lives but is greatly weakened, until she quaffs a potion of Cure Light Wounds.

Spiderssen ventures back into the dead-end, his face wrapped in an oil-covered scarf to prevent fume-inhalation. The smoke has cleared, and there is a heavily decayed corpse at the end of the tunnel, along with a nice-looking silver dagger.

After passing through a bunch of empty caverns & corridors, the party, convinced it’s seen everything, decides to head down toward the gate. As they approach the stair, in addition to the sweet and clean air they detect the frenzied sounds of combat. They stealthily sneak down the stair. At first not seeing anything, after a minute or two a soldier in Red Temple garb stumbles into view – beaten back by an unarmed lizard guy. The party watches while they fight; eventually the soldier runs his sword through the lizardman’s throat, takes a few deep breaths, then runs back to the fray.

Eventually the fighting dies down and is replaced by angry-sounding discussions, at which point our diplomatically-inclined ragtag band of malcontents saunters into the room…


~ by erranttiger on August 6, 2012.

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