Session XIV, part 2

Applying a crowbar to the manhole, the brave invaders discovered a long and narrow stone tube that went at least 50′ down. After a dark descent by way of more crude rungs, the party found itself in a nondescript dirty, stony room about 40’x60′. Heading to the east, it became clear to all that the smell was not nearly as bad on this level, though the party’s relief at this was tempered by the increasing sense that they were being watched, and the observation of Spiderssen and Eiluned that the shadows of their flickering torchlight seemed somehow… off.

The party came to a larger chamber which featured a number of shallow pits against one wall, as well as numerous piles of metal bits, chopping implements, and other debris. Stark became very certain he saw something move in one corner, and when he moved toward it with outstretched torch, found himself on the business end of two spears wielded by two 7′ tall humanoid creatures, whose skin was thick, scaly, and greenish-brown, and whose eyes were yellow.

Long story short, the scaly guys with the spears were none too pleased to find that our heroes were working for the Red Temple, and they (the heroes) were escorted at spear’s end into the next large chamber, where they met King Kags, Last Emperor of the Scalehide Clan. They learned that the Scalehides had lived in these caverns for “time unending,” but that their race was dying. The clan had been trading with Dinos and the Red Temple, providing materials used in religious rites in exchange for medicine that the Temple claimed would cure the mysterious disease that had rendered the lizardfolk infertile. However, the medicine had not had any effect, and the tribe was beginning to suspect that the Red Temple had designs on “the bounty of the caverns” and were trying to gain access to “the gate.” What’s more, some members of the clan were contemplating addressing these issues directly – and violently – with the Red Temple, though the ultimate outcome of such a pursuit was questionable.

The party suggested that they might return to the surface in order to figure out WTF the Red Temple was up to, in order that they might aid the Scalehides. Before King Kags would allow this, he demanded the party prove their worth… via hand-to-hand combat. Stark volunteered to represent the party and as he and a rather large lizardguy squared off, a weird smell that could only be described as “psycho musk” filled the room. The two warriors fought and exchanged blows, and ultimately Stark must have met some unspoken standard, for Kags stopped the combat, declaring that “we trust your valor” and thus the party did not need to leave any members behind as insurance. “If you would act on our behalf, act on your best behalf.” The party promised to honor its promise, and King Kags granted his leave.

Returning through the smelly caverns, as the party passed through the chamber where they had recently slain some jelly, a cacophonous jibber-jabber filled the room as a previously unnoticed pile of debris suddenly revealed itself to be an amorphous blob with many eyes and mouths. Eiluned was baffled by the gibberings of this mouther and stood gaping as it applied its horrible mouths to her person. Meanwhile Stark and Spiderssen were confused by the wretched shriekings and began attacking each other! Bunny and Koringa fought it valiantly, though they were unable to prevent it from surging over Eiluned, covering her and pinning her to the ground with even more mouths!

Eventually Stark and Spiderssen snapped out of it, and they joined the rest of the party in killing it – Koringa dealt the final blow, though he was not using his new Butterstick – while sustaining surprisingly minor damage. In its gullet they found 46 copper, 30 silver, and 5 gold.

The party extricated itself from the ruins without further incident and pitched camp near the entrance. Casting “Detect Magic” on all the items they had recently acquired, Eiluned was able to tell that the former holy symbol of St. Cyrus had a faint magical aura, but everything else seemed mundane.

Then everybody went to bed!


~ by erranttiger on June 24, 2012.

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