Session XIV, part 1

Heading west into the chamber beyond the locked door, the party saw a flickering in the distance, as though their torchlight was being reflected. As they stood and waited for something to happen, they saw a suit of full plate armor and a great sword floating down the corridor toward them. Spiderssen tossed out a greeting, which was not returned; his call echoed slightly, but less than one would expect in this stony chamber. As the armor and sword approached, the party realized that the space around the objects was not in fact transparent but translucent; almost immediately after, Stark suffered a mighty slam from what turned out to be a gelatinous cube!

The valiant warrior found his torch arm stuck in the cube, though his sword arm remained free. The party attacked in their various fashions: Bunny let fly a crossbow bolt, which somehow managed to miss the great blob; Spiderssen Magic Missiled it, Koringa dealt it a wicked blow, and Eiluned used her Ring of Heat Metal on the suit of armor.

Over the next couple of rounds, more blows were aim. Some hit, some missed, and as the suit of armor began to heat up, the cube seemed to weaken. Indeed, it weakened such that Bunny dealt it a decisive blow, causing it to burst in a gelatinous explosion. The remnants of the cube fizzled away, and in addition to the ordinance the party found some gems and an iron circlet of red and gold stones that looked very similar to those worn by high-ranking members of the Red Temple. Determined to have the biggest weapon in the party, Koringa took possession of the great sword.

Venturing further west, the party explored a dead end and then doubled back to explore a southern passage, from which a horrible charnel stench floated across a 20′ wide pit. Looking into the pit revealed no bottom, but crude rungs were carved out of the wall. Lighting a peat brick, Spiderssen dropped it into the pit, which seemed to be about 50′ deep. After much effort a grappling hook was tossed across the pit and secured on some rocks; Stark bravely descended into the pit, with a lit lantern being lowered alongside him.

At the bottom of the pit, stony debris was found to obscure a stone manhole cover. Rather than explore further downward, the party decided to venture further south, into the smellier regions of the caverns.

Across the pit, the party found a room to the east and a twisty passage leading off to the south. The smell was worse from the east, which is the direction the party headed. They found themselves in a large room strewn with corpses, several of which were being eaten by four ghoulish creatures. A fissure in the ceiling suggested that this chamber lay below the room above where the party had recently disposed of the head of Melchett.

Combat ensued, with the usual storm of hits and misses. Koringa was very excited for his new great sword; so much so that as he swung it in a mighty blow, he lost his grip and the blade went spiraling out of his hands – twice in a row. After that, Koringa decided to go back to his broad sword for the time being, and the party eventually put paid to the ghouls.

Searching through the corpses revealed that most of them seemed to be the remnants of the Order of St. Cyrus. Apparently in the sacking of the temple, many adherents hid their valuables in the safest place they could think of, for many gems were found in the stomach cavities of the ghoul fodder. In addition, Stark found a small disk with twisted bits of metal on it that once was a holy symbol of the Order.

Proceeding down another hallway, the party became aware of an increasingly loud buzzing sound. Passing a few empty rooms, they turned a corner and found themselves face to face with three giant flies the size of dogs! The flies were quite zealous in guarding the large pile of filth in the center of the room, and a vicious, buzzing melee occurred. Many fly guts were spilled, and the party managed to survive with a minimum of damage. Much time was spent pondering the purpose, origin, potential usefulness, and fate of the pile of filth; in the end, however, the party left it as they found it and headed back for the manhole at the bottom of the pit.


~ by erranttiger on June 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Session XIV, part 1”

  1. The armor suspended in living deadly gelatin was a memorable touch–among many.

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