Session XIII

[details of this session are extremely hazy due to the passage of time. This recap assembled from very sketchy notes]

The party frog-marched the cultist – Sniffles – back to the slime-covered room they had discovered early in their explorations. The cultists were convinced that the “treasure” had something to do with the room known as the Moon Pool. Upon entering the room, Sniffles – as he was wont to do – sneezed again. This seemed to be a signal, as four of the brigands the party had previously tangled with showed up. Combat ensued, and in the midst of combat more cultists showed up from another passage, splitting the party. Spiderssen, Stark, and Koringa faced the first gang, and Eiluned and Bunny fended off the second.

Eventually all the cultists were eliminated – a search of their bodies revealed only a few pieces of chalk, and some soap – and a very nervous Sniffles was made to burn the slime off the pool surface. After this was accomplished, an exploration of the pool revealed a very heavy metal sphere, hinged and clasped and very ornate. The sphere was unlocked, and opening revealed a small silk cushion (completely waterlogged), upon which sat a small, hardened bit of matter not unreminiscent of a human finger. The party deduced that it was a relic of St. Cyrus, but could not determine either its purpose or its reason for being found in the bottom of a pool covered in green slime.

The party commenced to burning the slime from the walls, but this revealed nothing. Bunny, however, got slimed in the process, and then suffered some damage when Stark (?) cured her from certain doom by burning the slime off of her. The party decided to rest and return to the Red Temple – Sniffles in tow – to make their report.

Upon their return to the Red Temple, the party presented Nika with the relic, their prisoner, and “the whole story” they had uncovered involving the presence of the cult of Narthex in the ruins. She was cheered by the lack of lizard people, but was also concerned about the rest of the filth the party had encountered, as well as curious as to what the other levels of the ruins would contain. She offered to increase the party’s reward if they would return and investigate. The party agreed, if she would fortify them, and she agreed, and so the next day, they did.

Returning to Melchett’s study, a crowbar loosened the perhaps-not-so-impenetrable door enough for Koringa and Stark to open it by striking it soundly several times with their combined weight. As it burst open, they each fell about 10′ down, landing somewhat uncomfortably on a large well-hewn spiral staircase. As they and their companions descended, they noticed that the cavern walls had been smoothed, and 50′ later they were surprised to find a tiled floor (though most of the tiles had been chipped or smashed). Apart from a broken font in one corner of the room there was nothing other than a passage to the south.

This passage led to an intersection, and here the cavern began to look much more like one would expect, with rough floors and walls. The party surmised that whoever was responsible for the polished quality of the entrance chamber gave up the task. A wide chamber lay to the west, and a sturdy-looking double-banded wooden door lay to the south. The party chose to leave the door for the time being, and proceeded west into a huge chamber that was empty except for stalagmites and stalactites, and a banded wooden door in the northern wall. The door proved to be unlocked; beyond it was a cramped room that could be barred from the inside. A decrepit copy of The Teachings of St. Cyrus lay in one corner, but it all contained was a series of boring homilies.

Following the cavern to the west, the party encountered more shadows and stone. At the western edge of this room the ground began to feel sludgy, and as it opened into the next room the corridor became downright wet. Along the northern edge of this room ran a rickety wooden “boardwalk” and a natural path curved along the southern wall. Stark followed the wooden way to its end, at a 7×7′ platform with a big hole in the middle of it. The hole seemed to lead down, down, down, and smelled bad.

As Stark and Eiluned proceeded along the natural path along the southern wall, they found themselves skirting a wide, dark expanse of water that reached beyond the range of their torches. The air smelled more than faintly of sparks, and the water’s surface came to within several inches of the path they walked. The water itself sloshed unexpectedly – and flashed with a sinister light. The path led to a ledge, upon which lay a charred corpse. It turned out to have been a female adventurer wearing the remains of leather armor. Next to her lay a hand axe and a pack. The pack contained 30 sp, a bracelet featuring blue and green semi-precious stones, and a scroll case containing a very old map. The location detailed by the map, however, remained a mystery.

The party returned to the wooden door at the first intersection, and after picking the tough lock entered yet another rough chamber.



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