Session XII

So much time has elapsed since the last session, and my notes are so sparse, that I am forced to proceed with a minimum of narrative accuracy and detail. Sorry, everybody! (If any players want to chime in with some missing highlights, I would very much appreciate it).

As they continued to investigate the ruined temple, the party came to a dark and dank room. The only indicators that this had been a chapel were the shattered altar and broken choir. The remnants of statuary mixed with rubble, and a large crevasse dominated the floor in the center of the room. From it issued a stench so foul that several members of the party found themselves crippled by it, which was unfortunate because as they stood there gagging they were set upon by two shambling creatures that could only be described as “ghoulish.” The party managed to dispatch them – Eiluned slew one, and the other was knocked unconscious by a harsh blow that sent it reeling into the crevasse.

From the chapel the party moved down the shadowy halls around a corner, where they found themselves staring into a ruined room featuring a large metal-banded wooden door, a crumbled wall, and a young man wearing chain mail and carrying a shield. He revealed himself to be Melchett, the Master of the Temple, Servitor of the Undying. He demanded the party leave, and when they refused, he got very nasty indeed. Uttering an incomprehensible word, from the shadows arose four skeletons wielding scimitars. Koringa and Stark were the only PCs in the room – Koringa having inserted himself between Melchett and the large door, and Stark standing in the doorway – and they began to fight. For lack of anything better to do, Spiderssen cast Featherfall on the cleric, which caused him to bounce in confusion briefly. From the back rank, Eiluned used her new Ring of Heat Metal on Melchett’s armor, but there was no immediate effect. After a minute Melchett began to look uncomfortable, but cast a spell and suddenly seemed to be feeling fine. After this spell, nobody could bring themselves to attack him; and shortly thereafter he cast yet another spell that caused the entire party except for Stark to run, shrieking, into the now-dark halls.

Stark was able to overcome his issues and attack the skeletons, heroically dispatching three of them, and even wounding the Master fairly heavily. Melchett ran out of the room and into the hall, where he managed to slip past the regrouping rest of the party. They tracked him to the larder (which the PCs had already visited), where he was rummaging through the closet, no doubt in search of the potions of Cure Light Wounds that the party had already found. Stark grabbed him from behind and put him in a full nelson, as the party began questioning him. Sample dialogue (see if you can spot Koringa’s line!):

“How many of you are there?” “One.”

“Who is the Undying?” “The Undying is Narthex.”

“I’m gonna ask you one more time, Mayor McFuckpants — Lizard People.” “That’s not a question.”

“What’s on the other side of that door?” “The Depths.”

After getting nowhere, Stark snapped the cleric’s neck. They beheaded him and threw his head into the crevasse in the chapel before continuing with their explorations.

A scriptorium featured a collapsed roof and a large, shallow pool of blackish water that flowed from the next room. A pile of books in the corner caught the party’s eye, as did the foul yellow mold that covered it. Taking some precautions, Stark picked up a book, disturbing the mold and releasing its spores into the air, causing Spiderssen and Bunny to pass out. Eiluned poured a potion of Cure Disease into Bunny’s mouth and she revived; Koringa did the same for Spiderssen. Nobody disturbed the mold again.

In another chamber, which had apparently been used as a study, the party came upon four cultists intent on destroying the few books and scrolls remaining. A short battle ensued, but after one of the cultists fell the others surrendered, claiming that in exchange for mercy they would take the party to where the treasure is. When the party wanted to know what that entailed, the cultists said “knowledge and power.” The party hogtied two of the cultists and took the weakest one, who appeared to be suffering from a cold, with them. Further questioning revealed that the cultists – this one, anyway – did not actually know what the treasure was, just where it was. They queried him about Narthex the Undying – who he was (“the Undying”), where he was (“we do not know”), what benefits they gained from following him (“to become Undying”) and whether those benefits would extend to the cultist they had just slain (“yes”), etc. Koringa expressed at length his frustration with “riddles.”


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