Session X

After defeating the witch Cassap and driving off the remaining heathmen, the party returned to the witch’s hut to loot i (and heal Spiderssen).

Between them they found a black antler that seemed like it would make a very effective dagger; a nondescript staff that was able to stand on its own with no support; a wooden ring etched with a design like a flame; a locked box which, when its poison needle trap was disarmed, revealed five potions (2 Cure Light Wounds, Bless, Haste, and Invisibility); common gems totalling 30 sp in value; an untitled book bound in green which appeared to be concerned with all things witchy; a featureless waxen doll at the bottom of a wooden bucket; and a bag of coins, which proved upon further inspection to be that rare and dreaded bane of inquisitive adventurers: a Bag of Teeth! Koringa and Spiderssen were very excited about the prospect of keeping it as a pet.

When Bunny removed the wax doll from the bucket she felt herself assailed from behind by a brutal but unseen force. A brief attempt at combat versus an unseen opponent ensued, but when Bunny dropped the doll, the invisible assault ceased. Koringa and Spiderssen dropped the doll into the Bag of Teeth, and in the ensuing tussle the bag burst into bits and the doll dropped to the floor. Bunny plunged her stone sword into the doll, which destroyed it, though the sword crumbled into useless bits. Koringa and Spiderssen lamented the loss of their horrible new pet.

The hut also contained a small fruit tree. It had green leaves and several red fruits with pink spots, the size of clementines. The party took several of these fruits but did not sample them.

Trying to find their way out of the accursed valley, the weary companions managed to get themselves lost. They slept for the night, and in the morning encountered the Freestrings yet again. The company of bards once again offered their assistance, and once again were soundly rebuked by the party, prompting Martin to say “You don’t trust us, which is wise. But we have a common enemy and we would do well to honor that bond. After all, to live outside the law you must be honest. Don’t you agree?”

Nobody in the party seemed to care much, however, and they bid the Freestrings farewell and headed on down the road to Southlake.

(Metagame note: after resting, everyone in the party but Spiderssen progressed to second level! Hooray!)


~ by erranttiger on October 9, 2011.

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