Session VIII: The Journey Stone (part 4)

The next thing Koringa knew, he was being kicked. In the side. Hard. Opening his eyes, he found himself prone on the hillock outside the menhir. The half-moon and the constellations shone down. Aline stopped kicking him and hissed at him to get up and fight. Jumping up, Koringa – and the others, who Aline was waking in a similar fashion – realized that they were surrounded by countless three-foot high men the color of earth. Though they wielded no weapons and made no sound, the figures were fairly swarming the campsite. Lucinda was wielding her staff against a group of four, and soon each party member was in a similar situation.

The danger of the clay men (for they smashed like clay when struck) seemed primarily to be in their numbers and dogged persistence, for their blows, while disquieting, seemed for the most part to do little to no damage. Further, the stone weapons wielded by our heroes proved remarkably effective against their diminutive targets, with a single blow often destroying two or even four at a time. Spiderssen’s magic missile proved barely effective, and the clay men seemed to easily evade normal weapons, and so the party swung its stony accoutrements with a desperation borne of surreal fear and desire for life.

Though the clay men’s stolid attack did significant damage to some members of the party, eventually their numbers were pared down. On his fifth solid hit, Koringa’s stone axe burst into useless gravel, but by that time time the clay men were nearly decimated. With reduced numbers the clay men seemed less frightening, and after a prolonged slog the party finished them off.

In the rubble after the battle, in addition to dismembered chunks of clay (some of which bore only the faintest, most generic traces of faces), the party found a tarnished brown cup and what seemed to be a broken antler; as well as two knots of faded grass, a red stone, a handful of white stones, and some faded yellow flowers.


~ by erranttiger on August 10, 2011.

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