Session VII: Road Trip

Heavily wearied by their various struggles (and not sleeping), the party, led by Lucinda and Aline, set out across the moors for an inn known as the Green Goon – a full day’s walk from the point on the southern edge of Deadlake where the party confronted the Shadow Cult. They arrived about 8 hours later and promptly retired. Of particular note was Lucinda’s invitation for Stark – the most heavily wounded of the party – to share her bed, asking him “I would give to you; would you give to me?” He responded in the affirmative and the next morning, while he didn’t remember the specifics of the evening, felt both well-rested and well-sated, his strength at its maximum. Upon learning this Koringa began complaining loudly of a pain in his arm whenever Lucinda was within earshot; this was universally followed by Eiluned thumping him on said arm with her staff. The party learned that once per month, clerics of the Red Temple can perform a ritual of sexual healing with a person of their choice. (Aline, when questioned about her lover’s actions, declared that she did not interfere with Lucinda’s faith).

The party spent four nights covering the moors on foot (despite Spiderssen’s persistent inquiries, there were no horses to be found at the Green Goon); Southlake would be a 15 day hike. At one point they came upon a series of disturbed burial cairns; searching the graves woke one of the interred spirits, who pleaded with the PCs to restore its family’s burial ground to a sacred state. The party agreed, with Lucinda saying some holy words in an unfamiliar tongue. As the ritual was completed, a very hungry looking terrier came out of a copse of trees, wagging its tail and regarding the party. It refused food and was cold to the touch, though friendly. Around its neck was a leather collar from which hung a small emerald, which it seemed to want them to take. Spiderssen took it, and the collar disintegrated. The dog went over to one of the cairns, laid down, and disappeared. (The next morning, Spiderssen found that the emerald had disintegrated, leaving only a fine green dust in his pouch).

Along the way they also encountered two carcass scavengers – huge (4′ tall x 9′ long) grublike creatures with paralyzing antennae that threatened to devour them whole. However, the party ably defeated them, with Stark dealing one fatal blow and Bunny sneaking up behind the other and burying a crossbow bolt for the finishing touch. They found a total of 15 silver and one brass key in the gizzards of the creatures, and realizing that they were sitting amidst the corpses of several baby bears.

They spent a night at another in, The Flinty Cleaver, where no horses were to be had. The next day, emerging from another copse of trees, the party encountered two grizzled looking men with weapons and musical instruments. The robed one identified himself as Miller had a wooden staff and a balalaika (as well as a wild look in his eye), while his quieter assistant Conley (wearing somewhat rusty chainmail) wielded a longsword and mandocello. Miller identified themselves as members of a company of bards known as the Freestrings, and suggested that if the party did not wish to pay a toll they might listen to a song. The party was resistant and Miller was insistent; he kept a light tone to his voice, though he did seem somewhat unhinged. He and Conley each played the same dissonant chords on their instruments and from behind them the party heard a handful of cheerful yet haggard brigands emerge from the bushes. Harsh words were exchanged –  “Okay, fuckos, eat a bag of dicks” (Koringa) – and  Spiderssen drew his sword, put it at Miller’s throat, and delivered a long and psychotic tirade of threats and insults. At this, one of the brigands loosed an arrow that landed squarely in Spiderssen’s leg.

The rest of the party – especially Lucinda and Aline – were disturbed by the volume of Spiderssen’s bile and made sure to distance themselves from him. Eventually the party made its way around the two bards and down the road, strangely unharried by their opponents – though the band of brigands did taunt them, pointing out loudly that “Nobody says ‘bag of dicks’ anymore” and other such things. The party made it unscathed.

Eventually, Lucinda said that in the South, bards were generally treated with much more respect, and that on her own she and Aline would either have paid the toll or listened to a song. When asked why she didn’t speak up at the time, she replied that she and Aline were extremely distrustful of Spiderssen, and wanted to interact with him as little as possible.

And thus the session ended, a third of the way to their destination and still more or less in the middle of nowhere.


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