A lightweight weighs in

I don’t really have much to say about the issues springing up in regards to LotFP and DCC other than that I enjoy LotFP because the rules are simple and efficient, and while I have some reservations about the content of some of (technically excellent, and always entertaining) illustrations, I’m not too worried about it because the art doesn’t have an influence over how my game gets run or played. As Jeff Rients puts it,

Assuming you aren’t weirded out by the artwork then LotFP shines as pretty much the tightest version of D&D I’ve ever seen.  This virtue comes across most clearly in the section devoted to what I call “operations”, i.e. how to open a door or check for traps or crap like that.  Most reviews of most D&D descendants (and many whole games!) completely skip this stuff because it’s usually boring to read, but in actual dungeoneering play these mechanics are crucial. LotFP delivers the best, most coherent set of operations rules I’ve ever seen.

And I also appreciate Limpey’s position, over at Aldeboran:

… I’m going to say I reject the value of the debate because I don’t believe that roleplaying a bad person doing bad things in the context of a game makes the player a bad person (and vice versa). I don’t believe that there is a moral consequence from pretending to murder someone. I do, however, believe that there are ways in which our behavior at the game table does speak about our character — if my behavior as a human being at the table makes another player uncomfortable (and if I do so because I want to make another player uncomfortable), then I am at least guilty of being a dick.

If any of my players are reading (and honestly I don’t think anybody else does), I’m not suggesting that we’ve seen any dickish behavior in our sessions. I just want to call attention to the difference between morally equating “play evil” with “real evil,” and actually being a dick. Such a moral equivalence is what fundamentalists build their worldview on, and it’s bullshit. (I’m reminded of my ex-wife attempting to teach Faust to a group of undergraduates, and being unable to have a productive discussion because the fundamentalists in the class couldn’t get past “he got what he deserved.”)

Anyway, that’s what I think. Oh, and DCC has lots of interesting ideas I might nick, but overall is too complicated for me to wrap my head around. Nice art, though.


~ by erranttiger on June 13, 2011.

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