Session III, part 4

After a brief mourning period, the party decided to go ahead with hiding “their” treasure into the storeroom. This took about an hour, after which everybody save Eiluned took some more coins with them (not stopping to sift out the golds from the silvers and coppers). With this task accomplished, it was decided to try again to get some more information from Calcidus.

Having already established a pattern, as Koringa pointed out, of being looselipped in front of the wizard, the idea was floated of some kind of disinformation campaign. Eiluned, though, wanted to apologize for being rude to the wizard and attempt to make some kind of peace. So a plan was hatched wherein Eiluned would attempt the sincere approach, and if/when that failed, the rest of the party would start talking shit about Alistair and try to somehow trick Calcidus into revealing something.

Eiluned apologized, and said that the party was starting to think they had been fooled, and that now that her friend was dead she only wanted some answers, and asked the wizard some questions about Alistair Baldus. Calcidus proved generally uninterested in Eiluned’s situation (he did offer condolences for her loss, but this was possibly tinged with the knowledge of his own loss, i.e., telescope, treasure, etc). However, he was downright contemptuous of Alistair Baldus, calling him “puny,” “nothing,” and other such things. He did say that in his estimation Baldus was completely untrustworthy, and particularly hostile to “those of us with higher interests” (meaning magic). Eiluned also asked him whether he had ever used purple lotus power to “endanger or enhance” anyone or anything, and he seemed bemused by this. He said his use for it was “primarily financial.” The rest of the party was unable to conjure any more information from the wizard, who eventually sat back down and resumed his meditative position.

Feeling as though they had exhausted the possibilities of the wizard’s tower, the party agreed to leave and return to Deadlake. They set out on foot, hiking near but not on the well-traveled track. They managed not to get lost, and a fireless night – watched over by Stark and Koringa in turn – passed without incident.

About an hour outside of town, the party decided it would be a good time to figure out some kind of a plan. They were given a job to do, and while they did it to the best of their ability, they did not technically complete it. Further, Fenton’s note was to be believed, they now had reason to distrust their “employer,” who is basically the head of law enforcement in Deadlake. Do they report in as assigned, or do they blow him off? If they blow him off and return to town under cover of darkness (or bribery, or disguise) they will basically be outlaws; if they return and confess their “failure” who knows what will happen? Should they go back to him and lie? Or skip town altogether? Did they even have a reason to stay together?

The session ended with the party – minus Ramban, the curious cleric (though still with Slater, his trusty pigeon) in the woods outside town, debating these issues, and their future.


~ by erranttiger on June 5, 2011.

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