Session III, part 3

As they passed Calcidus, they interrupted his meditations to harass/ask him for some information. He was unforthcoming, but when Koringa said they were going to play with his telescope he got downright cheery and, as they were entering the lift, bid them to “have fun!” Unnerved, they ascended to the 5th floor.

Having already figured out most of the telescope, the party threw the four switches, causing the roof to open, the lens to extend and become unblocked, and the entire apparatus to vibrate weakly. Placing the star crystal into the mount, a weak red light illuminated the area just before the looking-into part of the lens. Ramban volunteered to look into it, and the rest of the party stood back and readied their arms, or at least their spirits. Eiluned and Koringa were particularly opposed to this entire course of action. However, when he looked into the lens, nothing happened.

Eventually it was decided that a stronger charge was needed, and so Stark added as much of the explosive black powder to the coal chamber as he could. When he did this the machine began to vibrate much more dramatically, the light intensfied and the star crystal shone brightly before exploding! A red beam of light shot out of the far end of the telescope, and as Ramban placed his eye against the eyepiece he found himself sucked into the light, blasted ethereally across the cosmos…

Once the red light faded, somebody (I think it was Bunny) looked into the telescope and saw Ramban materialize on the alien surface, albeit in a rather pulpy form. She saw (and reported to her aghast companions) the bopping plant-things form a circle around Pulpy Ramban, and with what looked inexplicably like a celebratory cheer, they set upon him, devouring him. The light winked out. Only Ramban’s holy symbol remained.

The remaining party members were stunned, and largely speechless. They had been prepared for the apparatus to transport the horrid plant-things into the room with them, but this was completely unexpected. The death of one of their own – even though none of them had known each other very long – was extremely sobering, and they toasted Ramban’s memory with some of the wine Koringa had taken earlier.


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