Session III, part 2

Upon returning to the ghost room the spectral figure again materialized and intoned his eerie invitation once more. This time Ramban took the offer. As he sat in the chair opposite the ghost a not-entirely-there deck of cards materialized on the table between them, and unseen hands shuffled the deck and dealt each of them a card (facedown) and then another (faceup). Manipulating the cards mentally, as they were too incorporeal to touch, Ramban intuited that the game was blackjack and took another. After a pause the ghost took another, and within seconds an otherworldly howl filled the minds of all present as the ghost, cards, and force field around the door vanished!

Entering the room beyond the door, the party found another library. After spending some time searching its contents, the party ascertained that it had three main sections: tomes involving communication with other worlds; encyclopedias of “creatures from beyond”; and about two hundred scrolls, all of which seemed to be about knots of various kinds. The group attempted to look up the mossy creatures on Necropoli Centuari, as well as the fifteen-limbed four-spined creature from the dungeon, but to no avail; they did ascertain, however, that most of the material covered in the books seemed to be fictitious. Surprisingly, they did locate information on the brain leech, and learned that – if the stories were true – Ramban had under a week before the brain leech destroyed his brain and killed him.

Also, whilst perusing the scrolls, Eiluned found four scrolls which were definitely not concerned with knots. Three of these she realized were written in an eldritch language she could not understand; the other contained the 3rd level Druidic spell “Call Lightning.” She took all the scrolls, and then also stumbled upon a heavy tome, with a cover of cracked red leather and copper bindings. It was written in the same eldritch language as the scrolls, and she took it as well.

Having exhausted the possibilities of the Eldritch Library, the party decided it might be a good idea to check outside and see if Fenton, Baldus, and the army of Deadlake were bearing down upon the tower (and to check the unchecked door in the foyer). They took the lift down to the 3rd floor, passed Calcidus (meditating in his circle, his rage apparently having been exchanged for resignation), and descended the several flights of stairs which brought them to the sitting room. Nothing had changed, with the exception of a dagger stuck into the back of the door leading to the foyer.

Everyone was highly suspicious of the dagger, which from a distance looked to be rather shoddily made. However, as Bunny examined it further she realized that not only was it actually quite well made and designed to look shoddy, it was also lighter than one would expect, with an odd balance. She found that the pommel unscrewed, and from the hollow handle tumbled a small blue gem that seemed like a pearl, as well as a small scrap of paper with writing on it. The writing, in a fine hand, said “Alistair is not to be trusted. Your news will not be welcome. Trust no one. Discretion.” It was signed “F.”

(While discussing the implications of this find, the party examined the unchecked door and found it to be a spacious walk-in closet, with a few once-expensive (but hideously old-fashioned) now-ragged coats hanging limply). The party was thrown into some confusion. Did Alistair want them to free Calcidus? Was Alistair working for Calcidus? Who really sent them to the tower, and why?

Looking out the front door, not only did they see no army rushing to take them, but they saw none of their horses – at least, none that were living. The carcasses that were there were prone and blackened, and there was a meaty smell in the air – much as though the horses had been struck by lightning. Having originally volunteered to act as lookout (after it was ascertained that the party’s pets would not be of much use), Stark decided that if Fenton hadn’t been going to report back to Alistair, there was probably no army coming, and so the party decided to return to the top floor and solve the mystery of the telescope once and for all.


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