Session III, part I

[this post contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

Arriving at the 4th floor, the party filed into the small room where the ghost guarded a mysterious door. (Eiluned paused briefly to stuff Surviving the Interorbular Ether into her pack, for future use as kindling). Again the ghostly presence materialized and intoned “Who will gamble their soul in a game of chance and skill for the opportunity to pass through the door?” Before addressing the issue at hand, the party repaired to the study room for much debate about whether or not Ramban should waste his question on this problem, or use it for something greater. He decided to inquire of the universe, “How can the lightning be stopped?”

As he attempted this communion he fell into a trancelike state while psychic information was transmitted and received. After a few minutes he snapped out of his trance and revealed to the party his newfound knowledge: that to stop the weird lightning was effectively impossible, akin to stopping any natural phenomenon.

Disappointed, the party attempted to ask Fenton a question, only to find that he was no longer with them! They realized that the last time they had seen him was in the sub-basement with all the stitched up corpses and mirrors. They trooped back down there and found the iron door leading to the storeroom ajar; checking out the storeroom Stark ascertained that, though the trap door was closed, it certainly looked like some crates were stacked conveniently beneath it.

Fenton’s disappearance thus occupied quite a lot of the party’s attention for some time. They immediately decided that Fenton had returned to Deadlake to report to the Sheriff, and, further, that he would be soon returning with an army. Estimating that they had six hours before his return (two to return to town, two to mobilize forces, and two to return to the Tower), they set about trying to figure out a)  how to trap the oncoming army within the Tower, and b) how to protect “their” treasure and. Various ways of getting them into the sub-basement and then jamming the lift were bandied about; as well as burying the treasure (as previously discussed), or hiding it in the storeroom on the fourth floor, to which they had a key. Though the storeroom was quite crowded with crates of bones, they figured they could probably fit five chests in there with minimal conspicuousness.

First, however, they decided to return to the ghost.


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