Session II, part 4

[this post contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

Next the party decided to investigate what lay beyond the southern door. Listening, they could hear some very creepy voices that seemed to be faintly? screaming “Free us!” Stark opened the door a crack and peered through with the aid of his trusty torch, but saw nothing. Opening the door fully and entering the hall, the party was set upon by a total of four eerily floating rotting corpses, each of which attempted to claw and rend various members of the party. Ultimately Eiluned, Ramban, and Koringa were wounded and Koringa slew three of the ghostly attackers (Stark claimed the other), and healing potions were quaffed.

The party found itself in a long narrow hallway lined with cells. Investigations of each cell found most of them empty. One cell contained a huge skeleton which, upon further examination by Eiluned, appeared to have fifteen arms and four spines. It also seemed to be entirely natural, i.e., not manufactured or otherwise thrown together.

Ramban encountered a remarkable undecomposed corpse wearing simple rags chained to one of the walls. After the rest of the cells were investigated he went back and poked it with his staff. Immediately a small buzzing creature flew out of the corpse’s mouth and into the cleric’s nose. He felt it burrowing through his sinus cavity and then felt nothing else.

Having tamed this level, the party decided to keep investigating, and returned to the lift to descend to the bottom level.

[At some point Koringa asked Fenton whether he “had everything he needed” in terms of his observations. Fenton answered that he had fulfilled his basic obligations, but was still curious.]

[EDIT: because I am easily confused, this next – crucial – part of the narrative was left out of my original writeup. And because I am tired, it is going to suck. Apologies.]

They all went downstairs and found a big room. At the end of the room opposite the lift was a pile of 10 treasure chests. In between them and the treasure were a bunch of force fields. Next to the lift was a control panel with a bunch of levers. It was a real pain in the ass to figure out what combination of levers deactivated all the force fields at the same time, but eventually they did it, while Fenton and Flea stayed in the lift making friends.

The party was then confronted with more coinage that any had ever imagined, let alone seen. After the shock wore off,  careful consideration and appraisal suggested that there may be as many as 70,000 coins (gold, silver, and copper) but there was no way to estimate the total value. The party spent quite a long time trying to figure out how to make the treasure theirs, the upshot of which was that they would take it outside and bury it somewhere. Stark and Ramban seemed to have the most to say on the matter, while Eiluned was seriously disinterested. There was mild debate about the wisdom of carrying it past Calcidus (necessary, if they were to use the lift) versus taking it up to a level and hoisting up through the trapdoor in the ceiling of the storeroom, then taking it out the front door. Once they realized just how heavy and awkward the chests were they decided it didn’t really matter if they carried it past Calcidus, because he was trapped in his circle of protection.

Eiluned raised the issue of whether they were going to drop their investigations and pursue this now, or if it could wait until later. Eventually it was decided to continue investigating the ghost, the telescope, and the untouched door in the foyer. Their discussion had taken them back up to the second level of the basement (to examine the closet further), and it was agreed to continue with the previous endeavors before starting this haul-and-bury mission. Everyone pocketed a bunch of coins – “just in case we burn the tower down or something” – and decided to return to the 4th floor and use Ramban’s gift of wisdom to figure out how to deal with the ghost in the library. It was suggested that he use this wisdom to figure out how to get the brain leech out of his head, but he declined. The session ended with the party piling into the magical lift, heading to the 4th floor.


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