Session II, part 3

[this post contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

Upon leaving the storeroom, Stark was careful to lock the door. A brief discussion of what he learned and its implications for the structure of the tower gave way to wary curiosity about the shiny alcove in the corner, and the party shifted its attention.

The alcove turned out to be ten feet long and five feet wide, with two mirrors on each lengthwise wall and a single mirror opposite the threshold. Much discussion was had about the wisdom of looking into the mirrors, with Eiluned opting out of the endeavor altogether.

[edit: since Session 3 is upon us in a few short hours, and since my notes are crap and time is short, following is a condensed recap of the rest of the session]

In no particular order, Ramban, Koringa, and Stark all gazed into the first mirror. Ramban and Stark each saw their future selves reflected, old and withered. Ramban felt marginally weaker, more frail, and less smart; Stark felt clumsier, weaker, and slightly more foolhardy. Koringa, however, saw himself as the robust, deft, and wise man he always knew himself to be, and his chin seemed even more prominent as a result.

Undaunted, Ramban peered into the third mirror and was momentarily blinded by an intense light. When the light subsided, he found himself holding a small mirror that seemed to shine with a light of its own. He intuited that this would be a powerful one-time weapon.

Encouraged, he looked into the second mirror, which showed him infinite reflections of himself. Pondering this cosmic metaphor, he was somehow granted the one-time only answer, solution, or full explanation to a situation or puzzle of his choosing.

Pressing his luck, the curious cleric looked into the fourth mirror, where he saw… himself. He did a little wave and the figure in the mirror waved back… and then stepped out of the mirror, a perfect replication of Ramban himself. The two figures moved closer together, and as they were nearly nose-to-nose, a great mysterious force suddenly thrust them together! As Ramban felt himselves unite, he felt his body toughen, and became invigorated.

Nobody else saw this happen, and so when Koringa saw the almost tangible increase in Ramban’s bearing, he followed suit, with similar effects.

Next Koringa looked into the fifth mirror, but nothing happened.

[edit: somewhere along the line Bunny looked into the first mirror. Seeing her idealized self made her feel stronger, more deft, and wiser.]


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