Session II, part 2

[this post contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

As the lift descended, the crowded party recognized the two exits on the 4th floor, and caught a glimpse of the stranded wizard as they passed the 3rd. They were then surprised to find a disproportionate amount of blank stone wall on all sides as they descended further down than they had expected.

After a relatively brief extended descent the party emerged into what appeared to be a workroom. Before them they saw three tables covered in white sheets. Two of the sheets had several small bumps in them; one sheet featured a longer uneven bump. In addition, a fourth table featured two small wooden boxes (one plain, the other bloodstained, with a broken lock), a very fancy microscope, and a rack of stoppered bottles. An locked iron door sat in the western wall, and an iron-banded wooden door  was in the southern wall. In addition, as the torchlight passed over the northeast corner of the room it seemed to be heavily reflected in a tiny alcove.

Lifting the sheet off of the first table revealed several small, dead animals that had been obviously been vivisected and resewn, though in some cases it was clear that not all the organs had been replaced — the belly of a raccoon was flat as a pancake. The sheet on the second table revealed more of the same, but beneath the sheet on the third table lay “a guy” who sported a big Y-shaped incision on his chest, which was stitched together with golden thread. Bunny was intrigued by this valuable-looking thread and, at Stark’s goading, slowly began to remove it from the cadaver. The folds of the incision flopped inward.

Meanwhile, at the workbench, the stoppered bottles in the rack seemed similar enough to the ones containing the sentient blood that had attacked Bunny, and so the party left them alone. Opening the plain wooden box and revealed many glass slides, each of which featured a reddish smudge. Ramban took one and put it under the microscope. Though not a man of science, as he examined it he could tell that it was alive. It also smelled perversely pleasing, the way the blood from a bit lip often tastes. Despite this, he managed to resist licking the slides.

Opening the blood-stained box with a broken lock revealed three empty vials, a bunch of broken glass, and five more stoppered vials. Four of these contained a dark-blue liquid, and the fifth contained a clear liquid. Opening one of the dark blue ones, Eiluned caught a pleasing whiff of the scent of the earth after a rain. Further, she felt slightly invigorated by the aroma. Mistrustful, the party asked Fenton his opinion, and he sniffed it and proclaimed it a curative of some kind. Opening the vial containing the clear potion revealed a fizzy liquid that Fenton figured would be good to have around if someone got poisoned. Eiluned stuffed all the potions inside the bedroll in her backpack.

While all this was going on Bunny had been keeping an eye on the corpse she had recently violated. This proved prudent, as slowly the corpse’s entrails somehow began moving slowly toward the party. A hideous melee ensued, during which at least one person took some damage from the ghastly innards’ attempts at bludgeoning and strangling. Ramban dealt the guts a solid blow but it was left to someone else to finish the job.

As the party regained its senses, Eiluned and Stark found the iron door locked. However, the plain iron key that the party found in Timmons’ room unlocked it, revealing a room so crowded with crates that there was only room for one. Stark ventured in, torch flickering, and found a small room so full of crates that it was impossible to move very far without shifting a few boxes each time. Each box bore a label, e.g., “The shoulder blade of a virgin who sold love,” “The sternum of a sailor who destroyed dragons,” “The skull of a wife who sold the gods.” Searching the room fairly thoroughly, Stark noticed a trapdoor in the ceiling. Shuffling and stacking some boxes, he managed to climb high enough to open it. Peering through, he could see the bottom of a stairway, a heavy stone pedestal on casters, and a pile of cheap debris. A better look confirmed that it was the sitting room on the first floor of the tower.


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