Session II, part 1

[this post contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

The session began with a recap of the end of the previous session. Having experienced absolutely nothing as a result of Koringa’s impetuousness, the party set about to investigating the rest of the room. The book on the podium turned out to be called Flora and Fauna of Necropoli Centauri, and the open pages described how inhabitants of a particular “outer sphere” transmit magical knowledge. The rather garish illustration portrayed a thing that seemed to be a cross between a mandrake root and a patch of moss. However, while the text didn’t seem to be gibberish, it was highly technical and verbose, and it was apparent that no further knowledge could be gleaned without making a serious study of the work.

Examining the small, shallow pool revealed four small, “really weird looking” fish. As they breathed, small bubbles rose to the surface and popped with a kind of sizzling noise. Ramban poked the end of his staff into the pool and it promptly started disintegrating.

In a fit of experimentalism, Stark took a pinch of the fine black powder, set it on the stone floor, and, once most of the party had stepped clear, touched his torch to it. It exploded with a small bang! and everyone got very excited and started discussing how best to use it (one notably interesting suggestion was to somehow use it to blow up the wizard). Eventually they moved on to discussing exactly which order to manipulate the controls on the strange device in front of them, which they had ascertained was in fact a giant telescope. Nobody did anything much for some time, until curiosity got the better of Fenton and he strode over and threw the first switch, causing the tower to shudder and the domed ceiling to part. This provoked another rebuke by Stark and the rest of the party, and Bunny attempted to knock his jaunty hat off his head, though Fenton stopped her hand with surprisingly fast reflexes.

The party threw the rest of the switches in order, first extending the arm of the telescope out of the roof and about fifty feet into the strangely-flashing sky, and next unblocking the lens. Someone (Ramban?) peered through and was rewarded with a view of a terrain, the color of which was unlike any terrain he had ever seen. Moving about on the surface were several things that appeared to be a cross between a mandrake root and a patch of moss. They made their way with a motion that could only be described as “bopping.”

The final switch did nothing but produce a weak “click” from the telescope’s coal chamber, but once the chamber was filled with coal and the switch thrown again the entire machine hummed, and a weak beam of red light shone out onto the empty mount in front of the telescope. Having realized that the mount was almost exactly the same size as the Star Crystal, Bunny (accompanied by Eiluned and Koringa) took the lift down to the wizard’s chambers to retrieve it. Upon seeing them Calcidus did not restart his stream of invective, but as Bunny picked up the Star Crystal and headed toward the lift he began to laugh – not an (especially) evil laugh, but a truly mirthful one. This naturally made the team suspicious, and they tried to no avail to get him to reveal what he was laughing about, or what the crystal was used for. Eiluned suggested that if he wanted their help, he might help them out. He appeared to contemplate this for a moment, but said only “Oh, I’m sure some of you must be smarter than you seem,” (with a pointedly malevolent glare at Koringa). As best as he could, trapped within his five-foot circle of protection, Calcidus then turned on his heel. As they entered the lift they thought they heard him call “Have fun!”

Upon returning, Bunny placed the Star Crystal into the holder and the final switch was again thrown. This time the weak red beam struck the crystal, but the only noticeable effect was to cast a reddish hue across the immediate area.

At this point the party took stock of what it had left to investigate, which amounted to dealing with the ghost in the library and returning to the first floor and investigating the unopened door, as well as the trap door they found underneath the pile of faux debris. Realizing that they had picked up  the lift on the 3rd floor, they decided to see where it stopped on the other floors, and, piling uncomfortably into the lift once again, set the dial to “2” and began their descent.


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