Session I, part 5

[this post contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

Relieved that the disc neither dropped it to its doom nor smashed it into the ceiling, the party rose to the next level of the tower and found itself with a choice of doors to the east and the west. Neither door was locked, but the eastern door was sealed with some kind of rubbery substance. The party filed out to the west and found themselves in a room containing a large table with eight chairs around it. A closed book on the table – bound in regular cloth, not human skin – was entitled Surviving the Interorbular Ether, though it proved too dense to skim.

As the party stepped through a door at the western end of the room, a ghostly form materialized in one of two chairs on opposite sides of a small table. It was clearly a human form, though no facial features were visible. Without seeing it speak, everyone in the room heard a haunting voice in their heads ask “Who will gamble their soul in a game of chance and skill for the opportunity to pass through the door?” It was then that they noticed a door to the south that was shielded by a faintly glimmering field of light.

After brief discussion, the consensus was to continue exploring, and so they left the ghostly gamesman and chose to explore the northern exit from the study room. It too was sealed airtight, and beyond it they found a library filled with dozens of shelves of old books. Near the door was a table, on which sat some unused parchment, an inkwell and a quill, a pair of gloves, tongs, and an unlit oil lamp with red tinted glass. Koringa immediately took the gloves and tongs.

Initial explorations showed the books to be arranged in three categories: Glass, Light, and Metalworking. Recklessly taking some books from the shelf, Koringa found that they fell apart quite readily. Attempting to take a book from the shelf with the tongs, he realized that the books were too heavy and the tongs too flimsy. Bunny noticed another airtight door in the southeastern corner of the room, and passing through found herself in a small chilly room dominated by a large metal box. After determining that the box wasn’t trapped, she lifted it to reveal a mess of broken glass, some empty vials, and about a dozen intact vials filled with a congealed red substance. She took one and returned to the library.

As the warmth of the room and her hand heated the vial, the substance within it became more noticeably liquid. Bunny opened it and was rather startled when the blood coursed out of the vial, attacking her! Overcoming her surprise, she was not able to damage it with her short sword. The blood somehow landed an attack that caused a slight stinging sensation. Stark landed a solid blow to the blood (which had slid off of Bunny and onto the floor) but was able to connect with his torch, and the blood sizzled into nothingness.

Ramban took another vial and examined it under the reddish light of the tinted lamp, but it only looked even redder than before. The party decided to continue their exploration, and filed through the freezer room to investigate the other door, which turned out to be the door in the elevator shaft they had not investigated. They piled back into the elevator (again with Fenton uncomfortably close to Flea’s posterior) and turned the dial to “5,” ascending with anticipation.


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