Session I, part 4

[this post contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

Upon entering the large chamber, the party deduced that this was in fact the wizard’s quarters. The locked door was their first tip, but the large bed, braziers that turned out to be magical in nature, and the recessed pool all suggested a certain homeyness. Sealing the deal was the presence of an older man with a long beard, wearing robes and a pointy hat with stars on it. Who happened to be sitting in the middle of the room within a five-foot wide circle of salt.

Upon the party’s entrance into the room, the wizard introduced himself as Calcidus, and somewhat sheepishly explained that he had been experimenting with protection techniques when, at a particularly inopportune moment, his “bumbling” servant distracted him, inadvertently causing him to trap himself inside this circle of protection. If the party would be so good as to brush aside some of the salt and let him out, Calcidus would reward them with 100 gp.

The party was skeptical, and as they began questioning Calcidus, the wizard revealed himself to be less a kindly old befuddled wizard and more a petulant, arrogant, crazed narcissist. He demanded his freedom and rescinded his offer of a reward in favor of threats upon the party’s life, families, and souls should they fail to release him posthaste.

In response to this the party stepped outside to talk about the situation without being distracted by Calcidus’ ongoing litany of invective. They agreed not to free him for the time being. Upon their return into his chamber Stark asked why, if he had been imprisoned for so long, the weird lightning over his tower had just begun a fortnight ago. The only answer he received was something about how a mind as puny as his could not begin to comprehend the forces at work in the skies above.

While Stark interrogated and Koringa taunted the trapped wizard, Ramban investigated a book on the table in the back of the room. It turned out to be bound in a pink, leathery material that invited a certain queasiness. Entitled Communications and Signaling the Beyond, the book proved to be a theoretical text about communicating with “space aliens.” As far as Ramban could tell, it was also complete gibberish. Bunny, meanwhile, was fascinated by an egg-shaped crystal in a stand next to the circle of protection. It was pinkish in hue, with a design much like that of a star sapphire, and as large as a man’s head (though not in fact head-shaped). It was also either slightly warm or slightly cool to the touch (DM MEMORY FAIL).

The party also discovered that a shallow doorway in the eastern wall led to a shaft that contained a large disc which seemed to hover in the air. The shaft also contained a dial with 5 positions. After much discussion, Bunny volunteered to be the first to test it, and so stepped gingerly onto the disc, which after a moment’s wobble held firm. Everyone decided that it would be more efficient to get a sense of the entire tower before getting caught up in specific investigations, and so decided to explore the shaft. The party was able to crowd onto the disc (though Eiluden had to pick up Flea, and Fenton had to stand with dog-butt in his face, which seemed to trouble no one but him) and, seeing that the dial was turned to “3”, turned it to “4.” The disc rose up some feet and stopped at the next floor up.


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