Session I, part 3

[this post contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

The party ascended the stone stairs and found themselves in a disused kitchen: table, chairs, empty stove, old pots. Exploring a small hallway they found three bedrooms, all in states of bleak disrepair. The two smaller bedrooms yielded nothing of interest; however, their ransacking of the larger room turned up an unmarked key… and an old diary!

After ascertaining that the diary was not trapped in anyway, Ramban thumbed through it. It was the diary of Timmons, who apparently was Head Servant to “the Master.” Most of the diary was full of routine descriptions of Timmons’ day-to-day activities, running errands and supervising the other two servants. However, the last entry, dated eleven years ago, mentioned that “his eccentricities have become madness; his brusqueness, cruelty” and detailed Timmons’ plans to flee. Having absorbed this information, the party left the book on the bed and decided to continue their ascent.

As they ascended, they noticed in the flickering of torchlight a small trickle of blood oozing down the stairs. They followed it up the stairs to a sturdy locked door, through which they could hear nothing. Excited to use their recently acquired key, they were slightly chagrined to find that it didn’t fit. A closer examination of the keyhole did not reveal the source of the blood, though it did show a key in the other side of the lock.

After brief deliberation, an empty sack was produced and slid under the door. Bunny poked one of her thieves’ tools into the hole, wiggled it a bit, and jostled the key free. Retrieving it (and the sack), the party opened the door and entered the room beyond.


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  1. […] senses, Eiluned and Stark found the iron door locked. However, the plain iron key that the party found in Timmons’ room unlocked it, revealing a room so crowded with crates that there was only room for one. Stark […]

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