Session I, part 2

[this contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

They came upon the tower: 80 feet of windowless stone surrounded by four 40′ feet tall steel spikes. Everything inside this 40 foot radius was a blasted wasteland. The party tethered the horses, who were decidedly uneasy, and ventured to the top of the first set of stairs (just outside the “dead zone”), where they found the corpse of the famous thief Del Lorenzo. The bent and useless grappling hook next to the corpse was of much interest to Ramban, who inspected its twisted ends in an attempt to divine something about the nature of its failure. He was unsuccessful but was able to deduce that Del Lorenzo had definitely broken both his neck and back as the result of a fall.

The party was extremely hesitant about proceeding through the dead zone. Eventually Bunny threw a rock into it, which landed with a thunk but produced no other noticeable affect. Eiluned was the first to attempt to pass through… and did so with no ill effects. The rest of the party followed, and gathered at the front doors, where they were confronted with two serpent-shaped door handles and two door knockers. (The Referee refrained from making a “knockers” joke). Commendably cautious about opening the door to a wizard’s tower, the party spent some time discussing its options. Did it make sense to knock? What if those door handles came to life? What if they poked it with a stick? Would casting Detect Magic reveal anything? Would Fenton get off his ass and open it for them? (He would not).

Eventually Ramban decided to try one of the handles. Wrapping his fist in something or other, he tentatively grasped the serpent’s head… which in the blink of an eye came alive and snapped at him! Amazingly, he withdrew his hand in time to avoid being bitten, and it was agreed that perhaps knocking was a better idea. Various intriguing plans involving ropes and hooks threatened to coalesce, but in the end Koringa took the bold step of knocking, and the doors swung open into darkness.

Tentatively Stark led the way with a torch, and after ascertaining that the foyer did not contain any threats, the rest of the party followed. The doors swung closed behind them, leaving them with the choice of a door to the north and a door to the west. Everyone in the party made certain to check both doors for traps; none were found and so they proceeded through the northern door into a sort of sitting room featuring a large table, some chairs, a glass cabinet, and a weird statue that seemed alternately blobular and weirdly angled, depending on the flickerings of the torchlight and the angle of the viewer’s gaze. Somebody inspected the cabinet for traps and, finding none, Koringa found in it some nice china (with a frilly pattern not at all like what anyone expected to find in a wizard’s tower) and four dark, sealed bottles. Taking one, he unsealed it and, sniffing, suspected that it had turned and thus threw it against the wall, smashing the bottle to bits and leaving a wine-colored stain on the wall. He then picked another bottle and sniffed it; finding it more fragrant, he took a swig and found it delicious. Fenton took one of the other bottles and stuffed in his pack, prompting some harsh words from Stark (which prompted good-natured guffaws from Fenton), and Bunny took a butter knife from the china set. No secret doors were found in the back of the cabinet.

Somebody noticed a pile of cardboard balsa wood boxes behind the statue, and after some extended trap-searching and sword-prodding, Stark and Ramban determined that the entire pile was in fact one big fake object, and together they wrestled it aside, revealing a trap door. After everyone proved stumped as to whether or not it was trapped, Fenton leaned over, examined it, and gave it a good sound thump, prompting him to declare it safe (and prompting Stark to rebuke him once again). While this was going on, Eiluden kept studying the statue, but could not ascertain anything further about it. The party decided to return to the trap door once they had explored the rest of the tower, and single-file they ascended the banisterless stone staircase leading up the northwest wall.


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