Session I, part 1

[this contains spoilers for the LotFP adventure Tower of the Stargazer]

Koringa, Stark, Bunny, and Eiluned met in a holding tank in the basement Deadlake jail, where they had been thrown for different reasons and kept longer than was usual (for some of them were no strangers to the cell). Shortly after they introduced themselves, Koringa, who had no idea why he was incarcerated to being with, began raising a ruckus, demanding loudly to be let out. Four guards appeared and led the captives through the prison maze to the office of Sir Alistair Baldus, Sheriff of Deadlake.

After sizing up the unlikely crew, Sir Alistair said, “You criminals might not have anywhere else to be, but I’m a busy man, so I’ll get right to the point. About two weeks ago we began to hear reports of strange disturbances in the hills about 15 miles north of Freshlake. Our initial investigations pinpointed the location as an old tower that somehow survived the war intact. Unfortunately, the Guard does not have the time or the manpower to mount a proper investigations. You lot, however, have nothing but time.

You will go to the tower, investigate the cause of these disturbances, and put an end to them. Those of you who return will be granted your freedom. Come to think of it, those who do not return will probably be freed too, in a manner of speaking.”

At this Koringa demanded to know what was in it for them.

“What’s in it for you is your freedom, Noringa,” Sir Alistair said.

“My name’s Koringa,” Koringa said.

At this Alistair peered at his notes and consulted with a guard. “So it is,” he said. “Well, you might not be Noringa but you’re here now.”

At this an older man dressed in leather armor adorned with the holy symbol of the Sower seated under the window spoke up. “Is this rabble what you’re giving me to work with, Sheriff?”

“Your job, Brother Ramban, is to observe and report back to the Abbot. Now that you’ve left the clerical seminary, welcome to the real world.”

A throat cleared at the back of the room, and through the crowd of guards and prisoners slid a small, lithe man dressed in black, with a thin moustache and a jaunty beret. “Sorry I’m late, Sheriff. We can leave now.”

Sir Alistair was clearly uncomfortable around this man. “This is Fenton,” he told the party. “He too will be observing you.”

Fenton smiled widely and led the party out the door.

The party was reunited with their gear – less any gold they might have had – and Eiluned with her dog, Flea. Fenton had somehow managed to arrange for horses and so the party rode an hour into the woods north of town where once there had been a flourishing community of wizards. Despite being a rather pleasant day at the end of summer, toward the end of the hour the sky began clouding, and as they turned off the well-beaten track the party began noticing mysterious flashes of multicolored lightning in the sky.


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